Clip Eze using direction

Formulated to lubricate hair, prevent clipper burn and eliminate static problems, making scissoring and clipping your dog a pleasure instead of a chore while cutting your trimming time in half. Scissors will stay sharp and lubricated.

For scissoring:

  • Wash dog with one of our fabulous CROWN ROYALE shampoos.
  • Blow dry.
  • Lightly spray with CLIP-EZE, using our super fine mist applicator spray bottel.
  • Coat is now ready for scissoring.

For clipping:
  • On dogs not in pattern, rough clip pattern with #10 blade (or # you are used to).
  • Spray and massage in CLIP-EZE in patterned area.
  • Blow dry and clip with the appropriate blade # without fear of clipper burn.
  • Wash and blow dry as usual. Same operation on patterned dogs starting Nƒ2 operation.
  • When applying Clip Eze to dog's face, use cloth or sponge wet with the Clip Eze, 
    taking care not to get into eyes

Hydrolyzed Vegetable protein, Lanolin, Copozymer, Water etc.

470 ml (18 Eeur)

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