Condition Plus using direction

Gives coat spectacular body, bounce and static free manageability in one application. Crown Royale Condition Plus uses a substantive conditioner that bonds to the hairshaft. Unlike other conditioners that wash away, Crown Royale Condition Plus continues to condition from shampoo to shampoo.

  • After dog is shampooed, squeeze off excess water and apply Crown Royale Condition Plus in the following manner : Mix 1 part Conditioner to 20 parts water, and up to 40 parts of water, depending of the dog's hair.
  • Apply to coat and massage to be sure Conditioner comes in contact with entire coat. Leave on 1 to 5 minutes depending on amount of conditioning warranted. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry.
  • Your dog is now ready to be groomed for the show ring.
  • For use as an in-between-show coat conditioner on longhair breeds, spray a 10 to 1 mixture on dog's coat and do not rinse. Blow dry.
  • Used in this manner, Condition Plus will condition, prevent coat from matting, and promote coat growth without having to put your dog in oil.

Hydrolized Wheat protein, Aloe Almond Oil, Huile d'avocat, Panthenol, Neutral Henna extract,  Chamomille extract,  Calendula extract,  Goldenseal extract,  Hops extract,  Cherry Bark extract,  Water etc.

250 ml (9 eur) dilute 1:10
470 ml (18 eur) consentrate
3,8 l (70 eur) consentrate

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